Saturday, 24 September 2016

Chippings ... and Shorts

The dogs love to explore each new delivery of chippings that we get, they must smell wonderful to them.  I can just smell the gorgeous freshness of pine and the sap scented wood and leaves, but to a dogs even more sensitive nose there must be a myriad of different scents from all the places these chippings have come from. 
They circle the mound then walk all over it, before doing what all dogs do best .... squatting down and adding their own unique scent.

This last delivery came with a free pair of wooden shorts .... well that's what they look like to me  ;-)
Sue xx

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Double Decker Dogs

Every day at the moment, at one time or another I come into the kitchen to find my double decker dogs are at it again.

They sit cuddled up to each other like this for ages, mostly in the mornings after they have been out for a 'wee wee break' and then pile back into the kitchen, when instead of getting back into the beds they got out of, they double up until breakfast time. 

Rosy of course is having none of it, and gets out of and goes back to her own bed, leaving the other two to squish themselves together.
I must  point out that other beds are available  ;-)
Sue xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Matchy, Matchy

The colour of Lovely Hubby's latest batch of Rhubarb and Apple Wine was such a glorious and familiar colour that we got out a couple of jars of last weeks Compost Heap Jelly for a colour comparison ... and yes, they were very, very matchy.
I like that I can sample my wares immediately ... if the urge takes me, but unfortunately we don't get to drink any of the lovely looking wine for at least a couple of months  :-(
Now it's all bubbling away nicely and doing it's thing out in the workshop.
Sue xx

Monday, 19 September 2016

Composting Brainwave

I had a bit of a brainwave a couple of weeks back. 
 I was busy weeding in the veggie patch when I sat up to straighten my back and have a little break, like you do, sitting back on my heels and surveying all the work still to be done I glanced over at the compost bins.  We have three, built together out of old pallets on the side of the veggie patch handy for the patch and the tunnels.
Now the grass and weeds growing all around the bottom of the compost bins was longer and lusher than anything else growing on the veggie patch and it made me think.
Why not build a smaller version of the compost bins and site it in the middle of each of the raised beds in turn.  Leaving it there for a while for the grass trimmings and all the other contents of the bin to start leaching their goodness directly into the ground where I will be wanting to grow next year.  The compost when it is on it's way to  decomposing nicely can be added to the main bins and then the little bin can be re-sited onto another raised bed.
The soil on our veggie patch is very poor, after all it was once part of the main paddock and has only ever been used for grazing for animals and growing grass, and of course it drains downhill so any goodness gets washed downwards with any heavy rain, so the more we can do to feed it and pull up the nutrient levels for growing vegetables the better. 
We'll see if this little brainwave is a good one in the years to come if the quality of the soil improves ... but in the meantime it can't possibly do any harm.
Sue xx

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Holding Hands

It's funny I don't remember ever holding hands with my first husband, sad really as we were together for 26 years!!  I wonder if it's an age thing or just that we were never 'touchy feel-y' people.  Me and Lovely Hubby have always held hands ...when we're walking down the street of course, not when we're mucking out the henhouse or digging the veggie beds ;-)
I think it's lovely when you see very elderly couples walking along together holding hands, and we see it a lot when we're walking the dogs along Llandudno prom in the evenings, romance at the seaside.
 I guess we're well on the way to joining them.
Yep ..... that's me  :-)
Sue xx