Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Crop Top and Woolly Shorts

The sheep in the field across the road from our house are a funny bunch.  I think Thomas, the farmer that owns the land uses this particular bit of scrubby, rush filled land for his waifs, strays and odds and sods.  We thought they were all barren sheep until he dropped off a mother and her chunky little lamb the other day,  now it looks even more of an odd assortment.

They have obviously all had different treatments, hence the splodges of blue, red and orange and thanks to them pushing their way into the trees and bushes to get to the stream for water or just under the bushes for shade or shelter, they are all slowly but surely losing their woolly coats.  There will be little need for clippers in a few months if they keep losing wool at the rate they have been over this last week or so.

They are starting to take on the look of the freshly clipped collie dog in the Specsavers advert!!

But one in particular is looking very fetching this morning.  I stood at our office window and watched as she had a tussle for about twenty minutes with what must have been a particularly prickly bush.  I was on the verge of thinking about phoning Thomas to let him know he had a well and truly stuck sheep ... when lo and behold she tugged herself free and sashayed out of the trees wearing a crop top and a pair of woolly shorts.

Sue xx


  1. The hairdressers ! I read somewhere that sheep will cast their coat eventually without being sheared. First find a prickly bush. Glad you are back by the way.

  2. Saves on shearing, doesn't it...nice post.

  3. She does look fetching. :)

  4. She looks lovely.

    God bless.

  5. hahaha had a good chuckle at this
    thanx for sharing

  6. Reckon she looks better in a crop top and shorts than I would...

  7. I regularly wind MrEH up when we're in the Hebrides by telling him the sheep are "moulting" - he patiently explains that no, they're not, but is slowly getting more and more exasperated with me. ;-)

  8. Can't believe you're back Sue (even if it is only for an update on your life now and again). It's really lovely to hear from you as you have been missed. Must check out your new blog and look forward to more updates from you. Best regards.

  9. Hello from near-Philadelphia, USA, originally from Grantham, Lincs. So very VERY tickled to see a different photo when I checked in. I'd been missing your posts and will be checking back in far more frequently now that I now you do too (smile). Do you miss cheese?

    1. As a vegan of many years I can tell you that vegan cheese haa improved no end over the past few years.

  10. Welcome back Sue! We have been in North Wales all this week.

  11. Those sheep are definitely a ramshackle bunch aren't they? Thanks for the update. We're having another Welsh holiday in June, with the Scottish in-laws. Going to show them all the lovely places we found the last time we were there.

  12. Chuckle, When summer arrives any tussles with the bushes could result in bikini clad sheep, or a nudist camp for sheep. lol


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